Depersonalization and Anxiety: The Marijuana Connection

Depersonalization, along with anxiety, is often the result of marijuana use, due to the physical and emotional reactions this substance elicits in many individuals. There is a specific approach to combat these reactions and restore both mind and body to a true sense of well being.

Many are now experiencing a disturbing reaction to marijuana, which never occurred in the past. Intense feeling of anxiety replace the initial subdued reaction normally expected.

Many have experienced the following intrusive symptoms after smoking marijuana:

– Increase in fearful thoughts

– Racing heart

– Hyperventilation

– Shaking hands

– Sweating

– Racing Thoughts

– Nervousness, shakiness, and weakness

– Inability to concentrate

– Irritability

– Hunger and/or nausea

– Tingling or numbness in the lips or tongue cbd köln

The reason for these reactions, although a riddle to many, is the closely related correlation between marijuana use and a low blood sugar reaction. The more one smokes the steeper the crash and the greater intensity of these symptoms. If one is aware of this reaction and compensates by countering the low blood sugar symptoms, the episode is quickly ended and life returns to normal. If, on the other hand, the individual believes they have injured or damaged themselves, fearful worry takes over and eventually could lead to a fatigued mind and feelings of depersonalization.

Depersonalization is a mind tired from the constant habit of fearful worry. It is fueled by one’s anxiety over the way they are feeling and the cycle of worry continues until interrupted by understanding and effective behavior modification. In other words, one must learn to view this from the proper perspective and immediately interrupt the cycle of fearful worry. By doing so, the exhausted mind rapidly refreshes and life returns to normal.

The solution may sound simple but for many the habit of fearful worry may become firmly entrenched and will require more practice for them to believe this is (a) only the result of prolonged worry and (b) simple to rectify when applying the correct method.

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