Digital Picture Keychain

We are seeing a transition when it comes to showing off your photos. It’s not uncommon to see an anxious grandfather whip out his wallet to show an unsuspecting stranger his latest grandkids photos. This usually meant an accordion of photos would fall and sometimes squinting to see the images behind the washed out plastic protectors. But now we have a new alternative to show off those treasured pictures. It’s a digital picture frame on your key chain.

Measuring from 1.4″ -1.6″, these tiny LCD’s do a wonderful job in showing off or just displaying your loved ones, friends, pets or memorable moments.They can hold up to 60 photos with a battery life of up to 3 hours of display time. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow these digital picture key chains will get larger photo capacity, longer battery life and even display higher resolution photos. The photos are loaded and the key chain battery charged via USB connection. Most have an auto-shutoff after 2-3 minutes so that you wont waste your key chain’s battery life.

The prices have dramatically declined over the past year on these digital picture key chains. They have gone from well over $100 to under $30. With that being said they make an excellent gift or stocking stuffer. acrylic charms

I have given these as gifts to several family members. Since most of my family is “technology challenged”, I will preload their keychain with pictures. A little instruction on how to charge their digital picture key chain and they are on their way to ditching their bulky wallets of photos.

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